Åre Extreme Half

Do you want to dip your toes in to Multisport? Or do you feel you didn’t had time to train the hours you wanted to run the long Åre Extreme? Then this is the race for you! Åre Extreme Half, where you race half the distance of 30,5 km. This is also were we make […]

Åre Extreme River

Åre Extreme River Class is the classic course from 1997. The Åre Extreme River Class consists of the disciplines kayaking/surfski, running and MTB cycling. The paddling takes place on Indalsälven (White water class 2) and on lake Åre (Flat water). 

The Monkey Bridge

The concept and phenomenon comes from Youtube and Vietnam. Everyone who enters competes for the great prize of pride and some cool sponsor products. But what is Monkey Bridge?